Linux and WIFIonICE aka WIFI@DB

You connected successfully with the Deutsche Bahn WLAN, but cannot connect to the internet? That’s caused by the fact that the IP address used for the login-page collides with the default network setup of docker.


  1. Stop all running containers, prune networks and temporarily stop services:

    docker kill $(docker ps -qa)
    docker network prune --force
    sudo systemctl stop docker.service
    sudo systemctl stop docker.socket
  2. Open the DB network login website in any browser to accept the terms and conditions.

  3. [Optional] Start docker services again:

    sudo systemctl start docker.service
    sudo systemctl start docker.socket

    This is optional, because the service will be started again automatically after a system reboot.
    Perform this step only in case you need docker during the train ride, otherwise you might have to repeat the process after loss of connection.